What Should One Do To Become Fearless?


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As we are human beings we are always in a process to hide our self from the people, from the situation and from our own life. This is all because that we are suffering from a situation called fear. What is that fear? Where it come from? How we can get rid of it?

These are some most important question which always diving in our mind. Actually it is the creation of our mind that some how in our life we come across with different incidents which put our life in that trauma called fear like some bad accident, like the death or accident of our beloved ones. Fear of fire, fear of night, fear of darkness, fear of water etc. The best way is that you can consult a doctor. In order to live happy you have to reach that way where our fear never stop us from doing new things, agree yourself to take risks in your life .

What happen that if you fail you want to do it again and again until you climb the leader of success? Never under estimate your-self because the positively of your thought take you from the fearless life, and you came to know that as a human being you have the ability to reach the moon.

So always think positive then you will feel that fear will never come close to you.
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Vijjay - there is such a thing as a spirit of fear. God says He has not given us a spirit of fear, but instead has given us a spirit of power, love and a sound mind.

If God has not given us a spirit of fear, who has?
A woman that came to us who lived in constant worry. We helped her and her worry is now gone.

I can help you. Do you wish to know more?
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to be fearless you need to feel comfortable within your own skin , take everything that may be thrown at you with care and attention but remember that when you first see or approach a situation it always seems a lot worse , than it does if you stand back and take the whole thing in first .
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This kennedy atarah from Nigeria.  Fear is a spirit on its own greated and launched into the world by satan the devil.he is come to steal our God given joy,happiness,peace,smiles and our future.he has come to destroy God's purpose for our life,the purpose of sound mind and good success and finally kill us so that we wont receive all this things.To overcome fear you must let the devil knw that he has no level in your life,tel him he has been defeated 2000 years are free from fear.
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This website is really interesting. The principle behind their approach is that they there are various factors which cause fear ranging from poor lifestyle choices like diet and exercise, faulty cognitive processes,   and even the wrong sort of brainwaves, They provide an assessment and give people a series of instructions to follow -which over time are aimed to eliminate fear
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To be fearless you just need to face fear in the face when it pops up. Don't back down even if your gut is telling you to quit or run away.
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Fear takes over our lives without us knowing it ! In order to stop fear we have to believe in our selves and stop doubting in all the things that we do in our daily life ! :] x
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These are all great answers I would like to know how to get over my fear properly though.
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Fear is the biggest enemy in our life. For example: We fear when we do'nt want to face the situation we are in.

To be fearless you need to be ready face anything in life, that might be adversity or good

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