What Does Equus Mean?


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Equus is a Latin word meaning horse. Equus is a genus of horse like animals known as Equidae. Some other animals belonging to this genus includes donkeys, zebras, onagers, and some cross breeds such as mules, zonkey and zony. Equus is also known as a horse family. It is said that Equus is a type of a horse evolution. Equus was also a play written by Peter Shaffer which was later made into a movie. Equus is also the name a horse magazine which is published monthly. Equus was also the name of a villain in the Superman series of comics. Hyundai Equus is a luxury car sold in Korea by Hyundai Motor Company.
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The term equus is a type of genus of the Equidae. It is the only surviving genus of the family Equidae.

Equidae basically is the family of horse-like animals, order Perissodactyla. At times it is referred as the horse family. Apart from the horses, added existing equids comprise of the donkeys, the four zebras and the onager. All of these are from the Equus species.
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The word equus is defined as the genus Equus, which is the name of the genus to which such animals as the horse, the ass and the zebra belong. The horse belongs to a species which is known as Equus caballus. The modern-day horse, which belongs to the species which is known as the Equus caballus, evolved in its present form (the form in which we know and can recognise them now) approximately one million years ago.

The species which is known as Equus caballus migrated from the continent of North America to the grasslands which are located all over the world. It was from here that they further developed into many different breeds and types. Equus is the single living genus which belongs to the family which is known as the family Equidae. The family Equidae is the family to which such herbivorous animals as the horse, the ass and the zebra belong.
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Equus is just a type of horse

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