What Does Foal Mean?


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A foal is the term for a young one of a horse or any other animal from the equine family. Foals are used to refer to young ones that are under one year old. Foal is also the verb which means to give birth to a young one (horse). A foal is a unisex term. The term for a male foal is a colt whereas a female foal is called as a filly.

Foals in good health undergo rapid growth and are capable of putting on more than a kilo of weight every day. Genetic background also plays a role in the foal's health to an extent. In the primary stage of its life, the foal gets all the nutrition it requires through the mare's milk. A mare who is feeding a foal requires abundant water for milk production as well as a supplementary diet.

A foal can start the intake of solid food after it is around ten days old.
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A foal is a baby horse
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He is right, so add this to that, but what most people don't understand is you start your training of the animal when it's a foal.

If you win their heart they'll GIVE you their soul!
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Depending on what country you live in baby equine are called either foals or colts (colts are also the name used to refer to male baby equine)
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The word "Foal" is used only when the sex of the baby has yet to be determined. It is a generalized term. After birth, it will either be a colt (male gender) or a filly (female gender).

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