What Does Siddhartha Mean?


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The word Siddhartha is of Hindi origin and the meaning you can figure out of the word is that of 'accomplished goal'. 'Siddh' is a word that conveys the idea of accomplished and 'artha' is a word that is used to convey the idea of a goal. So the combined meaning you can figure out is certainly is the 'accomplished goal'.

The name is found to be given to many of the children who are born to the Hindu parents as it is the name of the founder of the religion of Buddhism. Before he founded the religion he himself was born to the Hindu parents and even Hindus believe him to be their god and they hardly can imagine the existence of Buddhism as a separate religion. You can even find that the temple that is believed to be of Buddha is under the control of Hindu priests. So they name their children after a god of theirs.

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