What Does Contemporary Mean?


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Contemporary means associated with the same phase of time. For Example, the archaeological findings were documented by three contemporary sources.

It also refers two to elements that are of the same age approximately. They coexist at around the same period of time. For example, Hitler and Mussolini were contemporaries.

The word contemporary can be used in a different context as well, namely the latest or most modern. For example, the exhibition showcased contemporary designs and patterns.

Contemporary is also the name of a magazine dealing with visual artistry. It is a monthly publication. According to its website, it apparently has the widest reach in the world amongst art magazines. The calculated approximate readership is around seventy five thousand. It has its head office in Bermondsey, South-east London.

It consists of latest news and special features, as well as reviews and one on one interviews, pertaining to modern visual art.

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