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Darien can be a boy's as well as a girl's name. It roots downs to as a Persian origin and it literally means 'He Who Upholds the Good; Wealthy'. It is the variant of Darian and Darion. Other similar names are Darin, Daren, Darren, Dorien, Damien, Dariel and Davien. The variant forms of this name are Darian, Darion, Darrian, Darrion, Darryan and Darryen. Sources claim that this name holds reference to the eastern part of Panama known as Darien.

Darien also refers to name of places, namely, Darién Province (Panama), Darién Gap (an area straddling the border of Panama and Colombia). In United States you have Darien (Georgia), Darien (New York), Darien (Wisconsin), Darien (Illinois), to name a few.
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We are told that Darien, Connecticut, actually took its name from the impenetrable rain forest province of Darién, in Panamá. Where did the towns in Georgia, Wisconsin, Illinois, and New York get the same name? Were all these places named for the Darién section of Panamá? If so, whence came the name in the first place? It appears to have no particular significance in the Spanish language. Could the Panamanian region have taken its name from a place in Europe, or was it originally a Spanish adaptation of a word spoken by an indigenous group living there?
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My son is named after Darien, IL. Thank you for the meaning. I am proud he is a Darien namesake.
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My name is Darien and I'm proud of it, especially now that I know the meaning. Thank you. Girl's Rule
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I was born in at Cherry Lawn School (now Cherry Lawn Park and Nature Center) in Darien (pronounced "Dairy-Ann"), CT.  I was a curious kid, and asked several times (at least) what “Darien” meant.  Here's what I remember:

In the late 1400s and/or very early 1500s, Spaniards and/or an Italian named Amerigo discovered both coasts (Atlantic and Pacific) of the place now known as Darien, Panama.  This is currently the location of the only remaining gap in the unfulfilled Pan American Highway.  The Spaniards called the original indigenous tribe “El Darien” (derivation unknown).  The tribe was decimated by disease; the Spaniards erected a church, and founded the settlement of Darien in 1510 (not necessarily in that order).  Thus, Darien in Central America was probably the first permanent European settlement in the Americas (excluding Greenland).  Darien was part of Columbia until the 1000 Day War at the beginning of the 20th century.  A local tribe of another name is sometimes called “Darien” by some, but it remains unclear whether they are true successors to the original.  Darien, CT, which was settled by European immigrants in the late 1600s, was renamed “Darien” in the early 1800s by a sailor who had seen and admired Darien in Columbia.
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Darien comes from the Scottish sailing fleet called the Darien Trading Company. It predates the East India Trading Company of England and is the origin of the Panamanian names for the indigenous peoples, the Gulf, etc.  It has a French pronunciation in Panama although I think it is safe to say it is Scottish in origin.  Scotland and France are close in proximity, however.

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