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If you’re curious about the origins of the name Erin, you’ll enjoy knowing that this pretty female moniker can be traced back to the Emerald Isle. Erin is an Irish name, and it actually means, "Ireland”! In the lilting, poetic Gaelic language, this word was used to indicate the island of Ireland itself - over time, it began to be used as a first name. You may be familiar with the Irish catchphrase, "Erin Go Bragh” - this means "Ireland Forever”; therefore, there is really no name that is as purely Irish as the name Erin.

Irish mythology also recorded the stories of a goddess named Ériu  - she was the mother goddess of the Emerald Isle, and her name was pronounced much like Erin is pronounced today (Eru, rather than Erin, but quite close all the same).  This protective, nurturing female spirit was thought to watch over the island and its people, along with her two sisters, Banba and Fódla, Together, the three goddesses formed a special and powerful trio. In Irish and Celtic mythology, the number three is actually quite sacred. When Christians came to Ireland and the old Pagan ways evolved into Christianity, the sacred number three began to represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (The Holy Trinity).

Today, this lovely first name is more popular than ever - and not just in Ireland. Alternative spellings of the name Erin are myriad - this name may also be spelled as Aeran, Aerenne, or Aerin. Some celebrities with this traditional Irish moniker include Aerin Lauder (Estee Lauder heiress) and Erin Moran (from the old TV show, Happy Days). While baby boys may also be named Erin, the name is generally considered to be a female name. Boys named Aaron will not share the same name origin, despite the identical phonetics - the name Aaron has biblical origins.
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The name Erin is a name for a female that is used in the English as well as the Irish language. It is basically an anglicised form of the word 'Eireann', which is derived form Eirinn, the dative case of the Gaelic word Eire, which means 'Ireland'. Eire is also the Irish word for 'peace'.

Irish nationalists used to use the word Erin as a more romantic and idealistic name for Ireland during the nineteenth century. As per Irish mythology and folk legend, the Milesians gave this name to the land after the goddess Eriu. The etymology of the word has evolved gradually to refer to 'Ireland' as well as the word 'west'. This is because Ireland was situated to the west of Scotland. There are above two hundred derivations of this root alone.
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It Means Little Island For A Girl As Ano As But For A Boy I don't know
And It Is Irish And From Ireland!
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