What Does Sephardic Mean?


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Sephardic is obtained from the word Sephardi. Sephardic has its origin in Hebrew and is taken from the word səpārad, it is a name of a place. The location of this place is disputed but is considered to be in Sardis in Asia minor. Later, it was adapted as səpārad. The Medieval Hebrew modified it as səpāraddî. Sephardic is used to define anything that relates to Sephardi. Sephardi is a person who is considered to have descended from Jews. During the Medieval times, Sephardim inhabited Spain and Portugal, especially the Iberian Peninsula.

Today, Sephardic also refers to the Jews of Arabia and Persia. They do not have anything in common with the Jews of Iberian Peninsula except they use Sephardic style liturgy. Thus, these Jews are not 'Spanish Jews' but are known as 'Jews of Spanish Rite'. The language 'nusach' (Hebrew language) is referred to as Sephardic language.

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