What Does The Name Mira Mean?


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Mira is a name for females. This name is credited with Slavic, Latin and Hindi origins. It is pronounced as MEER-ah. This name is also considered as a variant of Meera, Myra and Miranda. It means "wonderful, peace and prosperous". It is also a word in Spanish which means Look when translated into English. It also means saintly or light in Hindi. Some of the famous people with this name are actress Mira Sorvino, director Mira Nair and a woman saint named Mira who was a Rajput princess.

Mira is also the name given to the first star recognized to have a periodic brightness variation. It was discovered in the year 1596 by David Fabricus. It belongs to the Cetus constellation which is more popularly known as The Whale. It had a lot of resemblance and similarity to the sun at one point of time but now it has evolved into a cool red giant star which is at the end of its life.
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Mira is a feminine name. It is a very popular female first name and a popular surname. It has different meanings in English as well as other languages. It means "wonderful; peaceful, prosperous". In Spanish, the word "Mira" means "look!" This name is of Latin, Slavic and Hindi origin.

The name Mira was most common in the 19th century. It has many variants such as Myra, Miranda, Mirana, Mirra, Meera, Mirilla etc. The name Mira is Pronounced as MEER-ah.
The name Mira has its roots in Hindu mythology. Mira bai, was born in 1450 and was considered to be the reincarnation of goddess Radha. Mira bai was a mystic and poet whose lyrical songs of devotion to the lord Krishna are still widely popular all over India. Much of the folklore and folk music in west India, especially in Gujarat, reflects the mythology surrounding the Hindu deity Krishna.
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My name is Mira I'm Lebanese and Muslim (so yes Muslims can name their children Mira) and apparently it has so many meanings that I didn't know about :P Spanish: Look/see I've heard that in Polish it means the moon and also there's the thing about the star. In Arabic Amira means princess but in Lebanon in  the old times they used to also say Mira as princess (I have no idea why). And I've heard from someone that Mira also means wheat. In Hebrew it means bitter/cold hahahah and in Slavic it means peace in Greek it means abundance in Indian it means mythical princess and in Latin it means worthy of admiration/wonderful and that's all what I know so far :P  I hope that helped :)
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Yes muslim people can name mira
I'm not muslim but I'm lebanese and my name is mira so yes
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My name is Mira and I was born on Guam.  I descend from Filipino parents.  I always thought name was unique. I guess it's more popular than I thought.  I like my name because it's different and people think it's beautiful.
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I named my fish Mirra... I didn't know Mira was an actual name. I thought I made it up.

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