What Does The Name Cherry Mean?


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The Last name of Cherry at least the line I am from goes back to Norway and the vikings from there to Normandy. It starts as a misreading of the old norse runes word for one (or whole)
which was took for rie. This is why a virgin is called cherry get it whole. Anyhow a part of normandy was called Rie , and if you where from there  you where said to be ( of RIe ) or De Rie  like Hurbert de rie. Well my for fathers were lords  or chefs of said place. Their name became De Chef RIe later De Che'rie , then Cherie , Cherrie, Cherry. My blood line includes Thomas De Che'rie born in Picardie, Normandy, France in 1390 he moved to England in 1407 so nice try people but not.
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Cherry has been used as a name quite commonly since the 19th century. It was probably originally derived from the French Cherie, meaning dear or darling, but people also like the name because it is the name of a very popular fruit!

Sometimes Cherry used to be used as a pet form of the old name Charity, a Latin-based name (from caritas, or 'dear') meaning love for humanity in general.
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Cherry is sephardic - it's derived from the spanish jews. It's prefix is angelic hence the "cher" from the word "cherubim". In the islands it's indigenous to the taino indians from puerto rico
in spanish " acerola" but translated directly in masculine form is a common last name " Cerezo"
Cherry is specifically a spanish jewish last name so most people with that name in their geneology someone has directly jewish ancestry from their maternal side. Cherry is latin as well actually meaning " apple" or "fire" again from the etymology of the word " Cherubim"  meaning: Burning one. Cherry is a latin or spanish innuendo connoting virginity/sex. Hence the phrase " popping ones' cherry" and female virgin blood is cherry red. Cherry also means ones' personality may be wild,dangerous, or poisionous such as in nature all wild red berries are poisionous.
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Thank you for your post my Mother is a known Cherokee but DNA suggest European and Jewish I have traced back to the Cherry line so this helps explain a possible answer to the question. Wado thanks in Cherokee

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