What Does Seminal Mean?


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The word seminal relates to semen. It was obtained from the Latin word sēminālis which was taken from sēmen, sēmin meaning seed. Anything which contains semen or generates or refers to semen is termed seminal. Semen is a fluid that is secreted by the male sexual glands (gonads). The semen contains sperms (male gamete).

When something is referred to as seminal, it is considered to possess the power to originate. It is defined as creative. This thing is a source of origination for other works or things. Foe example: Shakespeare's seminal works. Here, it explains that his works were adopted into works by other people. Seminal could also be used to mean 'highly influential but in an original way. For example: a seminal idea for new research. It explains that the idea was original and impressive.

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