What Does Seminal Research Mean?


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Seminal research describes the process of carrying out original and often influential research in a particular field that may provide a good solid basis for any future research and thus the development of field. It also describes the ability to come up with original or creative research techniques.

Some examples of seminal research may include:

• A business may look at how customers and members interact with their social media campaigns and will use this information to improve future marketing campaigns. This may include looking at how customers respond to new deals or new products. If something doesn't seem to be doing so well, this may influence how the business then offers new deals for example. 

• A local authority may carry out research to see how changes to policing may affect crime levels in the area.

• It may involve a new business venture looking for new suppliers that can provide them with good merchandise to sell on to customers.

• On a more micro level, it may involve an individual looking at old census records and through personal letters to find out some more information about their relatives. This may help them fill in some gaps in the family tree and may then allow other 'blanks' in the tree to be filled in.

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