What Does Mean Of Research Methodology?


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  • What does research methodology mean?
Research methodology refers to the methods you are going to take during research. If a project requires research you probably need to dedicate a section of your written project to explaining what your research methodology will be. This should be detailed, so you need to keep track of all your research throughout the project.

  • Different types of research methodology
This is all the different ways you have carried out your research. You should try to think of some new and unique ways to conduct your research. Your original research methods may not get all the results you need but you can conduct a variety of experiments. You will be rewarded for thinking of original ideas but you should also use traditional research methods to ensure you collect sufficient and accurate data. Remember that your research must always be ethical and you if you have any participants involved in the research they must be aware of what they are doing. If you have a reason that your participants are not fully aware of all aspects of the experience, such as it may affect the results if they know what you are looking for, you must brief them in full afterwards and clearly outline this in your research methodology.

  • Interviews and questionnaires
You may have interviewed people to find answers. If you did interview people you should explain what types of people; if they were male or female, age, profession or from any particular demographic with any type of background. Were your questions structured or unstructured? You should explain how your interviewees gave their answers such as a one-word answer they thought of themselves or were they given multiple choice answers? Did you use leading questions or where the questions open to any answer?
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Research methodology refers to the analysis of principles of methods, rules and techniques. It involves the systematic study of methods which are applied to analyze a specific project or study. In order to make the research organized and to increase its reliability different methodologies are adopted. Research methodology involves the collection of theories, concepts or ideas, comparative studies to different approaches and individual methods which are conduced when a research work is performed.

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