What Does Roland Mean?


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Roland is a masculine name. It is of Old Germanic origin. When translated it means 'renowned land'.

In English Roland is spelt as Rowland although the pronunciation is the same. Orlando is an Italian variant of Roland, while Hruodland and Roeland are its Frankish and Dutch counterparts respectively.

In history Roland is mentioned in Vita Karoli Magni. It was written by Einhard who was Charlemagne's official biographer and courtier. In this context Roland is a romantic legend in the service of Charlemagne. Minstrels idolized him and composed many songs about him.
In Italy Orlando is immortalized in Ludovico Ariosto's Orlando furioso. Dante makes mention of Roland's spirit in his much acclaimed work Divine Comedy.

In fact Roland became so famous that many myths were woven around him. Some felt he was a nephew of Charlemagne, others felt that he was a noble Christian slaughtered by the Saracen infidels, and so on and so forth.

The name Roland has several variants- including Lannie, Rowe, Lanny, Rolly, Orlando, Rollo, Roeland, Rollins, Rolando, Rollins, Roldan, Roley, Rolland, Rollan, Rollie, Rollin and Rowland.

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