What Was A Saracen?


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A Saracen, according to Western tradition (dating back to circa 7th Century AD) was a member of the people of the Saracen Empire, based in and around Arabia. The term Saracen is derived from the Greek word Sarakenoi, which in itself is derived from the Arabic word meaning Easterners.
In the early part of the Roman Empire, they were actually a nomadic tribe, who were based around the middle east.
However, they were thought to be a very clever race and are regarded as having made many mathematical discoveries, as well as being the inventors of both bed and table linen. Some people claim they also invented ice cream, but this is not definitively proven.
During the Crusades the westerners generally viewed the Saracens as the enemy, although they did have biblical links in historical terms.
More recently the terms has also been used to describe pirates who operate around the Mediterranean.
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The Saracen Empire was a Muslim empire extending from Spain down to North Africa to present day Middle East during the Middle Ages (of Europe).
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The Saracens were also called Moors and Arabs.  Basically, if you were a follower of the Prophet Mohammed, you were a Saracen. At the time of the Crusades.
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Saracens were muslims.

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