What Does Dior Mean?


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Dior is one of the world's largest brands related to clothing, perfumes and accessories. It was named after the noted French fashion designer Christian Dior (1905-1957) and for his emphasis in designing narrow shoulders, constricted waists and long skirts all in remarkable contrast to the severity of war fashions.

His designs symbolised consistent classic elegance primarily stressing the feminine look. The New Look revolutionised women's dress code and re-established Paris as the hub of the fashion world subsequent to World War II.

He was a very influential person and tried his hands in manufacturing jewellery. The gleaming aurora borealis stone was manufactured by the Licensed Dior jewellery.

It was linked with a much wider collection of merchandise, including menswear, household linens, and fragrances like Diorissimo, Miss Dior, Diorama and Diorling.

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