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The girl's name Caitlin is the Irish form of Cateline, brought to Ireland by Anglo-Norman conquerors. Cateline is the Old French form of Katherine, or Catherine, which is believed to have its ultimate root in the Greek name Aikaterine.

The popularity of this name continues to rise and fall within the popularity stakes, but records indicate that in the US alone, at least 106,507 girls were named Caitlin in the past 131 years. This amounts to 813 Caitlins per year, or a minimum of two per day.

Caitlin has a list of variants too long to mention. Even the different variations in spelling amount to an impressive list:
  • Caetlin,
  • Caitilin,
  • Caitlinn or
  • Caitlyn;
  • Caitlyne and
  • Caitlynn;
  • Catelan or
  • Cateline, as well as
  • Catelinn,
  • Catelyn,
  • Catelynn and
  • Catlain; in addition to
  • Catlin,
  • Catline,
  • Catlyn and many others.
The name has also given rise to a host of nicknames, including
  • Caity or
  • Caitie;
  • Caitiloo,
  • Cait and
  • Cate, as well as
  • Cat,
  • Lynn
and probably many others not mentioned anywhere.

The Greek adjective katharos, from which the name Aikaterine is believed to be derived, means pure. Caitlin has since been associated with the meanings pure, chaste, blessed or holy; often applied as pure maiden.

Numerology assigns the destiny number five to Caitlin. As a result, she is thought to be attributed with the creative, multi-talented and versatile characteristics of a person who is
  • free spirited,
  • inquisitive,
  • artistic,
  • innovative and
  • influential.
These characteristics and a need to administer to others make her perfect for a career choice involving
  • media,
  • advertising and promotion,
  • all sales related possibilities,
  • publicity or entertainment.
The more negative aspects of this destiny number may result in the display of
  • restlessness,
  • impatience,
  • rebellion,
  • erratic scattering of energies and a
  • tendency to make the same mistakes over and over.
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Caitlin means pure
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The name Caitlin means pure it's Irish and it's a beautiful name
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I want to know what my name means. Like this.
Intelligent                  ← That is what I want and I can't find it!
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Just by the way caitlin means pure means brand new like this car is pure. Pure means smells good and pure is something clean but not dirty.my name is caitlin!!!!!
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Caitlin is an Irish form of the name Catherine. It is a female name and is spelled in numerous other ways. For more information on this please visit the following web page.
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Caitlin is a irish pure and beautiful name it is also the first and only name to be said. Everyone in Philadelphia is always good and there most favorite name is caitlin well not everyone one about twelve hundred and four people like it. The name caitlin is a secret name and it also has its own legendary birthday the name caitlin has about three birthdays nobody know why the name caitlin has a birthday accept the keeper the keeper knows lots about the name Caitlin and the keeper is REAL he is BEYOND REAL he lives in yurip and is telling everybody what the name Angel means the keeper is my father he said caitlin is a legendary and magical name.
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My name is caitlin and my mum was stuck for names when she had me. She asked her midwife and the nurse said she had always loved the name caitlin because it was so true and strong and pure.
The term, you need to live up to your name has never been so strong for me and I hope I can.

I am not boasting because I didn't choose my name but I think it is a lovely name.
Plus my mum's name is catherine and the irish term for Catherine is caitlin.
I also think Skye is another beautiful name for girls.
Caitlin McDonald
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My friend is called caitlin and if she doesn't know the meaning I want to tell her!!!

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