What Does Scar Tissue In The Brain Mean?


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Scar tissue in the brain means that the brain has suffered some form of injury or damage.  This can be caused by a couple of different reasons including, but not limited to, head injuries and multiple sclerosis.

What happens when brain scar tissue occurs?

Scar tissue on the brain can be really serious as it messes around with the way the brain normally works, and this can lead to all sorts of motor and cognitive issues.  Scar tissue on the brain also stops new nerves growing in the brain, and over time, this can cause huge cognitive issues. 

Is there a cure?

Up until recently, surgery was the only was to get rid of scar tissue on the brain, but this obviously has its own risks, and sometimes it's not possible to actually perform the surgery due to the location of the scar tissue.

Nanotechnology is now used to treat scar tissue on the brain, and this advanced procedure assists in the rebuilding process of nerves and healthy tissue. 

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