What Does Marred Mean?


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The word marred is an inflected form of the verb 'to mar'. Marred is usually used as a synonym for the word defaced, meaning to have a surface that is damaged or disfigured. It could be used to mean blemished by either injury or rough wear.

It is also used to mean affected slightly by something that is thought to be morally bad or undesirable. In this sense of the term marred is commonly used as a synonym for the word 'tainted'. Frequently it is a reputation that is considered to be marred.

When the term is used to mean damaged, it could mean 'reducing the effectiveness, soundness, or perfection of'. It could refer to a blemish or a disfiguring mark. Some other synonyms for the term include the words defaced and scarred.
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Hat does the word marred mean

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