What Does Initiative Mean?


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Initiative means that somebody has the ability to make decisions or to act alone; without the help, advice or input of other people. Often this can be in a work situation and could be something that a person's role demands constantly, or it could be something that happens seldom, but is a necessary process. For example, if a supervisor or manger is not currently present, an employee may need to make a decision about a procedure to ensure the smooth running of the business. Showing a lack of initiative and standing round doing nothing could cause inconvenience or problems. Obviously, in these circumstances, the initiative could be simply be an action in damage control rather than something that is really proactive, but is still something that a person has decided to do alone.

Initiative can also mean a plan that is targeted at solving a particular problem. In this instance the word can often be heard coming from the mouths of politicians, for example when they talk about things like a peace initiative, or an initiative involving something like the health service. In these instances it is used to allay any fears or concerns that the populace may have because the word is a proactive one, and so it shows that something is being done.

The first step in a process that will determine future events is also referred to as taking the initiative. It can also be used to describe a loss, for example if one side of a battle field takes the initiative and so controls events, the opposing side has lost the initiative.

The word initiative is also the core of the word initiation which means somebody's entry into a new way of life, for example a bar mitzvah is the initiation into adulthood.
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When someone begins something energetically and follows it with the same enthusiasm, the power or determination of the individual is a called initiative. Initiative is the drive of a person. The initial step or the starting move is termed initiative. For example: he took the initiative to develop the required software. This example indicates that the person started the development of required software.

Anything that relates to initiation or the basic phase of something is addressed as initiative. When someone does something on his own initiative, he does it without any prompting from others. Initiative could also mean the right by which a new bill or a constitutional amendment is proposed, especially by the citizens.
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  • The power or ability to begin or to follow through energetically with a plan or task; enterprise and determination.
  • A beginning or introductory step; an opening move: Took the initiative in trying to solve the problem
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Initiative is getting inspiration to do things without being told and having creative idea.
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To be brave
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I wonder what dictionary you read that from, to be brave would de courageous not initiative.

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