What Does Sown Mean?


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Means to take care of it
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Sown is the past participle of the verb "to sow." Sown means "implanted or propagated." When a sod or soil is sprinkled with seed, it is said to be "sown. "

Here is an example of the usage of the word "sown" in a sentence: The lawn on the other side of gate is sown with seeds of the highest variety.

Sown can also mean "spread or disseminated." Here are a couple of examples of the word with this meaning:

1. Rumours of the illicit relationship between the lead actors from the recent movie were sown across the entire city.
2. The seed of revenge sown in the World War I began to sprout thickly, preparing the Germans for the World War II.

"Sown" is believed to have entered popular English literature for the first time in beginning of the 11th century.
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I need to know what the word sown mean

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