What Does Put Forth Mean?


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Put forth is a phrasal verb. Put forth means to bring out or bear. For example: the scheme was putting forth unusual results. It says that the system gave out or bore different output. The plants are putting forth new shoots. It implies that the plants have started bearing new shoots. When a theory or analysis is put forth, it is brought to the public notice. For example: Einstein put forth the theory of relativity. It states that Einstein worked on this theory and brought it to the public notice.

Put forth could also mean propose or present. For example: he put forth a viable solution. 'To show' or 'to exert' are also equivalent to 'put forth'. For example: she put forth her best efforts. Put forth also implies 'to set out or to depart'. For example: as the ship put forth, the captain waved to the people on the shore.

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