What Does Provocateur Mean?


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The word provocateur is defined as an agent provocateur. This means a secret agent or a spy who incites (or provokes) suspected persons to commit illegal acts. The phrase agent provocateur is a singular term. The plural of the term agent provocateur is the word agents provocateur.

An agent provocateur is a person who is appointed to provoke unrest, violence, debate or argument by or within a group while acting as a member of the group. He covertly represents the interests of another person or group (namely, the party who has appointed him to be the agent provocateur). In general, an agent provocateur seeks to secretly disrupt the activities of a group from within the group.

Provocateur is the title of a movie. It was released in the year 1998. It starred Lillo Brancato, Jane March (in the title role) and Stephen Mendel. It was directed by Jim Donovan and written by Roger Kumble.
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"The plural of the term agent provocateur is the word agents provocateur." This is incorrect. The plural of the term "agent provocateur" is "agents provocateurs."

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