What Does Plump Mean?


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Plump is a euphemism for a little fat. It is best defined as being slightly overweight. A plump person therefore is not an obese or thin one, just a person with a chubby or podgy body.
For example 'The child was healthy, plump and rosy cheeked'.

Plump may also be the sound of a heavy fall. In its verb form plump means to fatten or make fat, like for example, 'Let us plump out that skinny child'. In American lingo plump means supporting or choosing something or someone. Like for example 'We plumped for the losing side'.

Plump DJs is the name of a renowned producer (Andy Gardner) and DJ (Lee Rous) team of the Nu skool breaks which is a style of techno dance music. Their very first release was in 1999 called 'Plump Chinks/Electric Disco'. The following year they released an album entitled 'A Plump Night Out'.

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