Where Did The Phrase 'To Make A Bee-line' Originate From?


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The renowned phrase 'to make a bee-line' originated from the honey bees who always travel in disciplined lines. It basically means taking the shortest possible route from one place to another place. The fundamental comprehension of the phrase emerges from the notion that after the gathering of their food, bees have an ability to return back to their habitat by taking the shortest possible path, which is of course a straight line.

However the line is not straight always while the bees are on their way home after collecting food. The movements are somewhat in a prancing manner that is the pure indication to other members of their colony about the source of food. The movements differ in their styles depending on the kind of food that they have got that could range from pollen grains to nectar. This bee-code was discovered by the German naturalist Professor K. von Frisch.

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