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Couture or ‘La Couture’ means sewing in French. The term ‘haute couture’ has been coined by the fashion world meaning ‘high sewing’ in French. Haute couture stands for high end fashion houses or designers who design custom made fashion for specialised consumers. Their fashion is created using high quality elite fabrics and materials and sewn with intricate detail from conception to the final product. Prices for couture fashion depend on the fashion house, starting from £10,000 for a simple blouse to over £40,000 for other items. The fashion houses argue that the price is not just simply for the product but for the customer service, workmanship, attention to detail and the originality of the design. The client will also several fittings for a particular item to ensure that the item is custom made to fit them specifically. Chanel, a couture house, may fit up to 120 clients a year, compared to a fashion house like Dior who may only produce eight wedding dresses per year. Fabrics used in couture fashion are usually fine silks, wool, cashmere, cotton and even furs. Designers often begin the creation of a couture item using a sample called a toile. The toile is often made out of muslin as it can be draped easily and would be used for fittings with the client. Once the client is happy, only then would work begin on the final product.
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Couture is a rare first name although it is slightly more common as a French surname. There are a large number of communes located in France that go by the name Couture or La Couture. It is a French word, meaning sewing; coming from Old French cousture; it comes from the Vulgar Latin term *cōnsūtūra; with its roots in the Latin term cōnsuere, cōnsūt-, meaning to sew together.

As a noun it refers to the business revolving around the designing, making as well as the selling of highly fashionable, typically custom-made women's clothing. The term may be applied to dressmakers and fashion designers regarded as a group. It could also simply refer to the high-fashion clothing which is created by designers.

It is generally referred to as Haute couture, which is a French term that translates as "high sewing" or "high dressmaking.
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Haute couture in french means  "high sewing". Clothing is custom made and of high quality fabrics and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finish.  This term is heavily protected by law in Paris.  To be an actual Coutuerier you must be approved and on the members list of Chambre syndicale de la haute couture. Also those companies must fulfill certain requirements in order to use the term "haute couture".
There is only 1 american designer who is an actual Couturier. It annoys me that companies use Couture so loosely when they don't understand the actual meaning.
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I agree. It even appears in the jewelry industry as they use the language as it would apply to fine jewelry. They even have a "Couture" show around it in Vegas. Americans use language so loosely.
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Couture is the art and business of manufacturing, designing and selling of highly stylish and fashionable clothing for women. Fashion designers and dress designers are known to form a group called couture. The high fashion clothing called couture created by fashion designers is famous for making a style statement. As the style icon Coco Chanel once quoted, ""Fashion passes, style remains."

Several communes in France also go by the name "couture" or "La couture. " The word is French for "sewing." The word "haute couture," meaning "high sewing," stands for custom-made fashion houses or designers who specialize in custom-made fashion to suit a specific consumer. It is made from high quality elite brand of fabric and sewn with intricate detail from start to finish.
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The Couture agency in Washington DC makes custom linens for special this couture? Couture By Design is the special event planning firm. This is the first time I heard the term.
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The word "couture" is a French term meaning "sewing" or "dressmaking"

In the technical terms, it is called "haute couture," a French phrase that actually means "high sewing." It refers to high-end garments which blend together fashion and costume.If we go into details Couture means the handmade garments, designed and proportioned specifically for the wearer. These exquisite red carpet worthy gowns have been featured in events such as movie premiers, Oscar parties, Grammy's, Country Music Awards and many more...

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Couture is french for

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