What Does Palaeontology Mean?


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The word palaeontology is defined as that branch of science which deals with extinct and fossilised animals and plants. In other words, palaeontology is the study of fossil organisms. It is the study of life in the geological past. The word palaeontology, in the simplest terms, is defined as a combination of botany and zoology of the prehistoric times.

Palaeontology is an earth science. Creatures like dinosaurs, which existed millions of years ago but are extinct today, are of special interest to palaeontologists (which is alternatively spelt as paleontologists). A palaeontologist (which is alternatively spelt as paleontologist) is a scientist whose field of study is the fossilised animals and plants of the prehistoric era and the remains of these species and the stages of historical development of life forms on the earth. The British spelling of the word, which is universally accepted, is palaeontology. The American spelling of the word is paleontology.

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