What Does Paleo Mean?


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Paleo- is a prefix which is used to indicate early, archaic or something that deals with or involves ancient forms or conditions. The word paleoenvironmental, which is also spelt palaeo-environmental, means something that pertains to the changes in the environment through prehistory and history. In particular, it deals with the environmental changes that took place in the distant past. An alternative spelling of the prefix paleo- is the prefix palaeo-.

Other words that have the prefix paleo, which is also spelt paleo, include Palearctic, paleontology, paleothere and paleography. The Palearctic region is also spelt Palaearctic. It is one of the eight ecological zones, or ecozones, which make up the surface of the Earth. It is the biogeographical region which includes the continent of Europe, the part of Asia which h is located to the north of the Himalayan mountain ranges and the part of Africa which is located to the north of the Sahara desert. The Paleocene is the earliest tertiary period, which dates back to between 58 million and 63 million years ago.

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