What Does Brontosaurus Mean?


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The word Brontosaurus actually means "thunder lizard". The Brontosaurus was actually misidentified by its explorer Othniel Charles Marsh, in 1879 and the title continued as the representative term in literature until the year 1974.

The words brontosaurus, brontosaurs and also brontosaurians are commonly used to address to an infraorder of sauropods which comprises of the genera such as Branchisarus, Camarasaurus, Diplodocus, Supersaurus and even Apatosaurus. Othniel Marsh, who was basically a professor of Paleontology and practiced at the Yale University, explained and named an unfinished skeleton of Apatosaurus ajax in the year 1877.

Later on over the period of two years he publicized the finding of a far bigger and more absolute specimen at the Como Bluff Wyoming which, because of differences which comprised of size. Marsh mistakenly identified as belonging to a completely new genus and named it Brontosaurus excelsus.

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