What Is The Meaning Of The Word ' CASANOVA ' And Its Origin ?


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Unlike what many people actually think, Casanova is not actually a fictional word. Instead, Don Juan is. Casanova really is the name of a person, whereas Don Juan is actually just a legend. The word Casanova originally stemmed from the name of one man. The man's name was Gian Giacamo Girolamo Casanova. Today, it is used to refer to a man that does not treat women properly, and is otherwise known by people as a 'womanizer'. Casanova is a popular phrase in modern society and is generally considered humorous and derogatory.

The reference comes from the original Casanova, on the most part. Many people don't really understand the meaning of it, but it stems from his life time (which was between April 2nd, 1725 and June 4th, 1798) in which he was quite the womanizer. This was his biggest and most notorious characteristic. He was born in Venice and eventually died in Dux, which is now within the Czech Republic. The womanizer Casanova was also an adventurer and writer.

Casanova was well known for his ability to use his good looks, his guile and his charm to seduce women into doing what he wanted them to do and becoming involved with him. He sometimes even used aggression to gain the control and trust of many women in his life time. As mentioned the phrase is today used to refer to amorous men, either humorously or in an insulting manner. The dictionary meaning today actually explains what I have mentioned above, proving that Casanova really was a large influence on society and really did go down as a legend - even after having died so long ago.

For more information on Casanova you can visit your local library or use the Internet and Google to your advantage - there are many websites out there that can help you.
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The word Casanova is actually not a fictitious one, unlike Don Juan. Casanova is the name of an actual person, while Don Juan is a legend.

The word Casanova originates from the name of the man Gian Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, and is nowadays used to refer to a man who is a womanizer. The reference is partly because the original Casanova, in his time (April 2, 1725 to June 4, 1798), was a womanizer himself, though that was not all he was. He was born in Venice and died in Dux, which is now Duchov,in the Czech Republic. He was also a writer and adventurer.

As a womanizer, Casanova used his charm, good looks, guile, and even aggression to seduce women. Today, the term is used to denote amorous men. So much so that the dictionary meaning of Casanova is 'a man who is amorously and gallantly attentive to women.'
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A guy who is always in the company of women ... Tryin to entice them
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Casanova is something like what we call as "playboy"
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A casanova has lots of lovers and doesnt care for any of them. He is always out for new conquests.
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A casanova is a promiscuous man.
The word came about after an Italian adventurer, Giovanni Giacomo Casanova (1725-1798), wrote vivid accounts of his sexual encounters in his extravagant autobiography.
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1.  A man who is amorously and gallantly attentive to women.
2.  A promiscuous man; a philanderer.
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Casanova was a play written by englishman play write William Shakespeare. The main character, Casanova, was in fact a womanizer. Many believe Casanova was another personality of William Shakespeare. Yet he was only a fictitious character created in the mind of Shakespeare.

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