What Does Pragmatic Mean?


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The dictionary definition of pragmatic is "dealing or concerned with facts or actual occurrences; practical".  This is quite a good concise description of what pragmatic means.

Someone who is said to be pragmatic concentrates on what is actually in plain black and white; as the dictionary states, the facts. They will not be swayed by things that are not proven or do not really directly relate to them.

Pragmatists are said to not think too far ahead and instead concentrate on the here and now, and things that have substance rather than the big ideas of the future.

It can be argued that people who are said to be pragmatic get the most things done as they are more precise and concentrate on one task that can definitely be achieved. People who prefer to spin several plates at a time are said to be rather scattered in their approach; which can leave important sections missed.

There are arguments to both the pros and cons of a pragmatic approach but it is certainly a very useful approach in some circumstances to adopt. Many will see it as a great trait and may use it when describing themselves for new job interviews or applications.
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Pragmatic means "matter of fact." A pragmatic person is one who is sensible and practical. He believes in coming straight to the point in matters of discussion and has a no-nonsense attitude. A pragmatic attitude delves between the twin pillars of realism and practicality. A pragmatic person believes that "experience is the best teacher."

The word is an adjective form of pragmatism and is believed to have entered popular English literature in the latter part of the 16th century. Pragmatism was a philosophy developed by Charles S. Peirce and William James advocating the doctrine that the significance of an idea or a proposition lies in its observable practical outcome. The archaic meaning of the word "pragmatic" was "busy," or "dogmatic or dictatorial."
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Concerned with causes and effects rather than ideas or theories.
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Do you think that a male and a female being polar opposites of this def. Can get along. Or would be always arguing the different points of view? One being "pragmatic and the other dealing more in ideas and theories? A point of view would be appreciated. Thanks
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I and some others use the definition to refer to practical means of accomplishing something.
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