What Is Meant By Job Description ,job Enrichment And Job Enhancement?


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Job Description:is mean that you are defining the areas of working of the employees or simply to say that the key responsibilities of the employee, that he/she will serve for your organization.
Job Enrichment: Is mean that you are from one specific field and if some other field which is not your major area or not your field of specialization then it will be called Job Enrichment.For example if you are Mechanical Engineer and your are supervising Mechanical section "A" which is your own job area but if other field work like Electrical Engineering Section "B" work (which is not your field but has been given under your supervision) is given to you, then it will be your job Enrichment.
Job Enhancement: Extend the duties/responsibilities by providing you the same field.For example if you are mechanical Engineer and you are in charge of one
Mechanical section "A" and if the you become the in charge of Mechanical section "B" (same field as Section "A") then it will be your job Enhancement.

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