What Does Online Mean?


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On-line means connected to or tuned to a particular network. It is commonly used to indicate whether a person is on the Internet or not. Accordingly in this context when a person is on-line then he is connected to the World Wide Web and if not then he is offline. There are several phrases associated with it like for instance on-line shopping, on-line cataloguing, on-line help etc.

The terms on-line and off-line are commonly used in connection with telecommunication computer technology. Although they originally were used solely in this regard of late these terms are commonly used with varied meanings in conventional conversation. There have been many jokes regarding the same. One is a store that claims to be 'offline' where customers can 'take things home as soon as they pay for them!'
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It means : Controlled by or connected to a computer or to the internet.
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It is in the Internet, mostly in the regime of current type. So it means, that will provide you their services at any time.

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