What Does The Abbreviation Gnr Mean? Its A Text Abbreviation, Much Like Omg Or Lol....anyone Know What It Stands For?


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Haha; if a black person says it in a jokingly way it means - "got to nigga rollin" as in laughingg..
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GNRGuns N' RosesGNRGlobal Name Registry (.name TOLD registrar)GNRGuarda Nacional RepublicanaGNRGunnerGNRGreat Northern RailwayGNRGram-Negative RodsGNRGalaxy News Radio (video game)GNRGrupo Novo Rock (Portugal)GNRGambia International Airlines (ICAO code)GNRGenomics Nanotechnology and RoboticsGNRGeneral Nuclear ResponseGNRGuns N'Rage (gaming clan)
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Well GnR means the band name Guns and Roses.....

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