What Does Lol, Btw, Fyi Stand For?


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LOL stands for 'laughing out loud'. BTW is 'by the way'. FYI is an older short-hand term meaning 'for your information'. When texting became popular as well as IM, the concept of LOL emerged since it would be easier to have different laughs by using short hand. There are also emoticons that can show this same emotion such as the little guy that rolls around on the floor laughing. LOL is popular because it is a cuter way to say you are laughing heartily rather than just laughing.
'By the way' is another saying we have used for many years, but in the online world most of us do not wish to write the entire saying out especially when texting. It takes too much time to type it out on those small keyboards thus it has become BTW.
FYI is as mentioned one of the oldest short hand terms around. FYI has been around for more than 30 years. The reason for it is unclear other than to be quick with speaking. Those who hear FYI often know that it is to replace 'for your information'.
Those who have used the full key phrase often do so with a sarcastic tone meaning to be slightly rude. It does not have to be though, since tone can also make it positive. We are telling you this for your information. Most of us, to get the informal jargon correct, just use FYI. You will see FYI in many places and not just emails, text and other electronic mediums.
There are plenty of other short-hand words that can be used to be quicker when texting just as we used to use short hand for taking notes in a business or in school before the idea of computers and electronics were around.
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Lol means laugh out loud or lots of love
fyi means for your information
Btw means by the way
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Lol = Laugh Out Loud.
Rofl = Rolling On the Floor Laughing
Lmao = Laughing My Ass Off
Lmfao = Laughing My F***ing Ass Off.

There are others too. Like "Lawl" also means lol. Or "roflmao" means rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.
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Lol: Laugh Out Loud
Btw: By The Way
Fyi: For Your Information
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LOL: Laugh Out Loud                                                                C: See
BTW: By The Way, Between                                                R: Are
FYI: For Your Information                                                          you: You
THX: Thanks
GR8: Great
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Hi beautiful, Lol means laughing out loud ROTFL means rolling on the floor laughing.  I don't know what lamao or lmfao means though. Those two I've never heard of. I've been on the net since 1992 & I've picked up a lot over the years. Hope this helps.
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Lol- laugh out load
btw- by the way
fyi- for your information
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It's  called "text speak" and it was developed to use with cell phone texting to speed up typing the messages. You can find dictionaries dedicated to explaining what the terms mean by searching online.
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Okay, LOL means "Laughing out loud", R.O.T.F.L.O.L means "Rolling on the floor laughing out loud", and L.M.A.O. Stands for "Laughing my @$$ off"
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Lol- laughing out loud
rotfl-rolling on the floor laughing
ppl please please leave it.
Its actually a computer phrase talk created some ten years ago.
Kids a few years ago didn't want to speak in full sentences.
I never use the lingo
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I like ROTFUL, rolling on the floor, uncontrollable laughter. Also, Lamygo, laughing my guts out (a more conservative replacement for lmao). Also LaSHID (laughing so hard I'll die)
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I thought lmao means ''laughing my a$$ off'' and yea lol mean ''laugh(ing) out loud'' and rotfl means ''rolling on the floor laughing'' :)) and I know ppl so use them a lot, ppl like me :)
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Okay Lol means:Laugh Out Loud

Rofl means:

Rolls On Floor Laughing

And lamao...Hmm nvrr heard that 1 before.

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