How Do You Spell Repore (sp?) - Meaning Building A Relationship With Someone


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The actual spelling is 'RAPPORT' meaning creating a bond or affinity. It means that you build a good relationship or a friendly conversation with someone. For example - "the managing director established a good rapport with his employees."

The word has originated from a French verb 'rapporter' that means to carry back, in the sense of how people relate to each other in terms of values, beliefs, knowledge, behavior etc.

  • Definition - building a relation marked by harmony, affinity, accord, conformity.
  • Noun.
  • Synonyms - compatibility, fellowship, camaraderie, understanding, interrelationship, good vibrations, sympathy, agreement, harmony, togetherness.
  • Antonyms - unfriendliness, coldness,
Example of 'Rapport'

  1. The new student quickly developed a good rapport with the teachers.
  2. The doctors must work hard to build a rapport with the patients.
  3. The lack of rapport between the team members led to the failure of the project.
Rapport in Sales

Building rapport with the clients is the most successful technique of sales. It becomes a powerful tool in the hands of the salespeople who then closes more deals with fewer effort. Some of the ways to build rapport with the clients are:

  1. Mirroring - getting into rhythm with another person. This could be emotional mirroring wherein you empathize with the emotional state of the client. Or physical mirroring where you match the body language of the client, though not imitating him (that would appear as mockery).
  2. Reciprocity - you can build rapport with your clients by doing favors to them or giving them gifts but not asking anything in return.
  3. Commonality - finding something in common with your client to build a sense of trust and camaraderie.
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No such word as 'repoire'. It is a common misspelling of the word 'rapport', which has two basic applications. One is a relationship between things. The other, more commonly used, is a mutual trust or bond developed between two people.
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From Webster's Dictionary:

Entry Word: Rapport
Function: Noun
Text: A friendly relationship marked by ready communication and mutual understanding
Synonyms: Communion, fellowship, rapprochement

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