What Does It Mean To Have Discrete Relationship?


5 Answers

aleee:) Cardenas Profile
To be with someone and not tell no one or to be with someone and just keep what all do together in secret because no one needs to know your business
Karl Sagan Profile
Karl Sagan answered

I was wondering what kind of relationship this is. But still, I prefer regular relationships and online dating haha. I recently met this girl. The most interesting thing is that this is not like a regular dating site, but a social network where you can search for the ideal partner using profiles. I mostly do it here sofiadate instagram. These are not typical dating sites like tinder for example, but profiles of girls on social networks where you can choose a girl by age and appearance.

Sophie Carroll Profile
Sophie Carroll answered

I am in a secret relationship with a man by correspondence. I don't have a relationship besides him, I hope he doesn't either. But we keep our relationship secret because it's fun and adds to the passion. 

Sergio Jemas Profile
Sergio Jemas answered

I'm hiding now that I'm hanging out on the russian women dating website. I have a bad attitude towards Russians and my friends know about it. But nevertheless for a couple of months now I've been hanging out with a Russian girl who I like very much. She is a very nice person, despite the fact that she is Russian. I am happy with her.

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