What Does Padre Mean In English?


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Padre means either dad or father in spanish
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The term 'padre' is used to refer to a chaplain in the military service. All chaplains have the position of commissioned officers and wear uniform. Chaplains in the British Army as well as the Royal Air Force possess ranks and wear rank badges. However, chaplains in the Royal Navy do not wear kind of insignia, only a cross and the officers' cap badge.

The word is synonymous with the English word 'Father' in countries like Italy and Spain. In Britain, it is sometimes used to refer to a parson.

Formerly, all chaplains in the armed forces were either Christian or Jewish. Recently, the MoD (Ministry of Defence) has used only Christian chaplains. However toward the end of the year 2004, it was declared that the armed forces would allow for the recruitment of four non-Christian chaplains.
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Padre means Father in Spanish.

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