What Does Doppler Mean?


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Doppler radar generally applies the Doppler Effect to calculate the radial velocity of aim's in the antenna's directional ray. The Doppler Effect moves the established frequency up or down based on the radial speed of the target in the beam.

This allows it for straight and extremely precise calculation of the target velocity. A Doppler radar basically is radar which creates a speed calculation as one of its outputs. Doppler radar could be Coherent Pulsed, Continuous Wave or Frequency Modulated.

A continuous wave (CW) Doppler radar is an unusual case, which gives only a speed output. Initial Doppler's were CW, and rapidly led to the growth of Frequency Modulated (FM-CW) radar, which remove the transmitter frequency to encode and establish range. The CW and the FM-CW generally can process a single target, which restricts their use.

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