What Does Depolarization Mean?


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Depolarization is term used in biology. It refers to a condition where there is a decrease in the absolute value of a cell's membrane potential. Depolarization moves from negative to positive. The act of destruction, neutralization or change in polarity is therefore known as depolarization. Its literal meaning is the loss of polarity or polarization. An action potential and its rising and falling phases are known as depolarization and hyperpolarization respectively.

Membrane potential changes is described and explained with the help of the term depolarization. It is important to cell types like muscle cells. It happens as a consequence of influx of positively charged ions in the cell. In case the potassium channels are closed there is chance that depolarization might occur.
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When the ion channels opens and allows Na inside the cell it call depolarization it is rising phase. However hyper polarization is when K ion goes inside and ion channel for Na is being closed it is failing phase.

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