What Does Elasticity Mean?


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The word elasticity is defined as the tendency of the human body to return to its original shape after it has been stretched or compressed. Elasticity has meanings in several different fields. In the fields of physics and mechanical engineering, the word elasticity is used in the context of the theory of elasticity which states how a solid object moves and deforms as an instinctive response to stress caused by external factors.

An alternative meaning of the term elasticity is a property of an object. Elasticity means something that undergoes elastic deformation as opposed to plastic deformation, which is also known as plasticity, as an instinctive response to stress.

Elasticity in the field of solid mechanics is defined as the tendency of two physical objects to collide with each other and deform as a result of the collision that takes place between them. In economics, the term elasticity is defined as the ratio of the incremental percentage change in one variable in response to a similar incremental percentage change in another variable. It is usually expressed as a positive number or an absolute value.

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