What Does Paprika Mean?


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Paprika basically is a red, powdery condiment obtained from dried, ripe sweet peppers. The term paprika originates from the Hungarian expression 'paprika" which was take the Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian term "paprika" which is a diminutive of "papar", which in turn came from the Latin term "piper" for pepper.

In America the expression paprika plainly means and non pungent red chilly, usually New Mexican pod types have their spiciness genetically extracted. In the European sub continent, paprika has a much deeper and wide spread depth, comprising of not only distinct pod kinds but also even the specific grades of the powder obtained from these sub kinds.

Paprika is used on a large scale as an ingredient in the preparation of many kinds of dishes across the globe. Paprika is often used to season as well as to give a touch of colour to rice's, stews as well as soups.

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