What Does Puddle Mean?


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A puddle is a small pool of water or a liquid of some sort. It may be made by melting snow or it may be a collection of rainwater. For instance 'There were many puddles of water on the road after that heavy shower' or 'the detective unknowingly stepped into a small puddle of blood'.

Puddle may also mean dipping something in mud before planting it, like for instance, 'tell the new gardener to puddle all the saplings'. It may also indicate messing around with something like for example 'the kindergarten kids had oodles of fun puddling in paint'. Puddle may also denote confusing someone or complicating something, like for example, 'puddled mire'.

M.C. Escher an artist of Dutch origin invented the Puddle which is a woodcut print back in February 1952.

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