What Does Obelisk Mean?


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Obelisk is a tall four-sided pillar of stone that narrows to a pyramid shape on top. It is carved from a single block of stone. It is generally set up as a monument or landmark. The name is derived from the Greek obeliskos, meaning "a small spit". Yet the form came from Egyptian temples. It was called as tekhenu by the Egyptians.

It is a monumental tapering shaft usually made of pink granite. It was usually inscribed with hieroglyphs to honour a pharaoh. The biggest Egyptian obelisk now stands in Rome and is nearly 31 metres tall the biggest one in Egypt is 29.5 metres high and weighs over 300 tonnes. Obelisks are solar symbols similar in meaning to pyramids; they are associated with an ancient stone called Benben in Heliopolis. They are a prominent part of the architecture in ancient Egypt and they were generally placed in pairs at the entrances of temples.

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