What Does The Sacred Heart Mean?


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Sacred Heart basically is a religious devotion towards Jesus; this devotion is mainly applied in the Roman Catholic Church and illustrates the divine love for humanity.

It also emphasizes on the fundamental Christian concept of loving and adoring Jesus. The foundation of this devotion in its contemporary form is derived from a French Catholic nun known as Mari Alacoque, who supposedly learned this devotion from Jesus via visions. Ancestors to the present devotion existed to a certain extend in the middle Ages in quite a few mystical sects.

The Scared Heart is generally illustrated in Christian art as a blazing stylized heart, penetrated by the lance-wound, bordered by a crown of thorns, and bleeding. At times this image is placed over Jesus body with his wounded hands pointing towards the heart.
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The Sacred Heart refers to Jesus the Son of God. Perhaps you have seen a picture, poster or statue, in which Jesus is seen holding his right hand as though He is blessing someone, and the other hand is placed on His heart. The heart appears wounded, as if it has been pierced with a sword, as His heart was when the soldier stuck a sword into his chest as He hung on the cross.

Many years ago, Jesus appeared to a very holy woman whose name is Saint Margaret Mary. Jesus gave her a picture of Himself, as He wanted us to see Him. Jesus promised, that people who honor Him as the Sacred Heart, by placing His picture in their homes will receive special blessings from Him.

One of the prayers Saint Margaret Mary told people to pray is
Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us, Sacred Jesus be our guide. Sacred Heart of Jesus I place my trust in You.

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