What Does The Rosary Mean?


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The word rosary has a Latin origin. It means rose garden. It is taken from the word rosarius which means of roses. Later, it was modified by Middle Latin as Rosarium which again meant rose garden. The Middle English took it as rose garden. Rosary is a noun and is a kind of devotion to Virgin Mary. This form of prayer consists of decades (series of ten prayers) of Hail Mary. There are fifteen decades in each prayer and five decades in each set. Lord's Prayer is chanted before every decade. The decade ends with a doxology (prayer in God's praise).

Each set of five decades is also termed rosary. People count these prayers on a string of beads. This string is also called a rosary. Various other religious groups also use such a string for their religious purposes. This is also termed a rosary.
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Rosary refers to a form of devotion to Virgin Mary. It is usually practiced by the Roman Catholic Church. It consists of three sets of five decades of Hail Mary. It starts with a Lord's Prayer and ends with a doxology. Thus it is a form of religious exercise. The rosary prayers are recited and counted with the help of a string of beads which is also known as rosary. A rosary can also be made with precious and semiprecious jewels.

The method or practice of counting beads is widely prevalent in all the major religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. Rosary meant a rose garden in the medieval times and is a word derived from the Latin term rosarium or rosarius. This prayer has been in existence for more than 600 years.

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