What Is A Decree Nisi?


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In divorce law, a Decree Nisi is one of the first stages in a divorce where there is property or assets, or children involved. If two people divorce who have neither, the Decree Nisi and then the Decree Absolute can be granted fairly quickly. Firstly, one person in the partnership issues a document explaining why the marriage has failed – this is a petition and is issued by the petitioner against the other party, who is called the respondent.

If the divorce is not contested ( and most are not), a judge will grant a Decree Nisi, which means that the two people are legally separated but they are still married.

The final stage of the divorce, obtaining the Decree Absolute, can happen six weeks and one day later at the earliest. However, in most cases, the Decree Absolute is granted only after a financial settlement has been reached and suitable arrangements have been made for care of children from the marriage.

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