What does to eat in moderation mean?


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To eat in moderation means not to stuff yourself. I heard that the stomach is aproximately the size of your fist. If anymore food than the size of your stomach is injested you are eating a little more than what your body requires. That does not mean a hamburger before it is masticated is too much. Food should be well chewed before swallowing. So-o-o-o-o you should never feel stuffed! That is over eating. You should however feel satisfied after a meal. Thats moderation. Unless of course you are use to loosening up your belt and flopping into a chair or couch to relieve that bloated feeling. That too would be considered not eating in moderation. Happy Eating! 
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Eat in moderation includes two parts: 1-The food quality which means we should control our selves to eat healthy food instead of unhealthy food. 2-The food quantity which means that we should eat what our bodies need only.
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Not too much, not too little.

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