What Does Moderately Expressed Intuitive Personality Mean?


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A moderately expressed intuitive personality is simply a branch of a personality type an individual is classified into because of the common features they present throughout their day-to-day actions and behaviors. Intuition, alongside other characteristics such as empathy, outgoingness and judgment, makes up part of an individual's personality and therefore has a considerable effect on how they interact with others and the world around them. In the case given above, the phrase 'moderately expressed' means that the individual showcases a medium level of intuition in what they say and do.

To fully understand what a moderately expressed intuitive personality means, though, it's essential that you understand the term 'intuition'. Put simply, intuition is how you perceive something without knowing, the impressions and feelings you develop from it, and how well you are able to explore related ideas with keenness and insight, often at short notice. Someone who is highly intuitive will have lots of instinctive thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and will express these readily - despite not having gained them through perception, reason or fact.

With the above information in mind, moderately expressed intuition refers to someone with a personality that is mildly intuitive, but not to so high a degree that it is impulsive and over-ruling. This means they can be instinctive and react quickly and appropriately without prior knowledge or perception, but may also be prone to some deliberation and hesitation in circumstances which require a high level of intuition to deal with rapidly.

It is possible to calculate the level of intuition you display using one of the many personality tests accessible online. Most of these are straightforward interactive forms that you fill in and submit free of charge to receive a set of results showing the strength of each of your characteristics as a percentage. Two of the most frequently practiced personality tests used to define one's level of intuition include the Jung and Myers-Briggs questionnaires.
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