What Does Mull Mean?


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The word mull means a number of things. Mull means to heat and spice something as in the case of wine. Its origin in this sense of the word is not known. Another meaning of the word "mull" is to ponder or to go over in the mind extensively or ruminate. In this sense the word "mull" is believed to have come from the Middle English word "mollen" meaning "to moisten" or "to crumble". Synonyms of "mull" here include think over, chew over, contemplate, speculate, ruminate, ponder, meditate, reflect, muse etc.

A third meaning of the word is in reference to soft thin muslin that is generally used in trimmings and dresses. It is believed to have come from the Hindi word "malmal".

In Scotland the word "mull" is used as a part of the names of promontories.

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